kala-tamin The best user of the week

The best user of the week

The best user of the week
Hi Guys
just select one person
the duration of this topic is 3 days.. but it is not fixed yet
Bcoz it is the first time which we r doing this job
so, common and choose ur best
PLZ don't choose blindly or bcoz of ur relationships
and also, If u want to mention ur reason that y u choose a person, u can do it.
and one more thing, is that I wrote the name of those ppl. which recently came more than 2 times in English discussion and sent replies.

This vote is starting in 2 / march / 2007

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i think we shouldnt place moderators ..

The Proverb Thread
i couldnt let go of THIS forum ( english forum ) so ..
wish you luck

What was the last movie you watched?


Y? moderators also r posting here
with this voting we can realize how effective we r

Daily Memoirs


I'm choosing AhourA
Bcoz he gave us good info.

What do you like.....
about tense
and he is active here

آزمون های yle چیست؟


Thank you dear MarC but the reason i'm hea is that i like this part & you n behi n hoda n ....

I'm not here to take honor or pride but i'm here for having fun with y'all

آزمون هاي ket چيست؟


I know habibi
we r here for have fun and pass our times with others
But I want to say tanx to those who r using this forum
otherwise i'll be alone here

آزمون های pet چیست؟


you wont be alone anyway 'cause I think you're great and we all like you much !


That's kind of u

tanx habibi

so happy to have a friend like u


I think we togetha exactly changed the way of the topic again !


no matter,, here we need opinion of others
but as u clearly said, we r changing the way so, let's go to free talk


OK, so i C ya there then !



anybody else?
c'mon dears!


what is the head this topic?


this topic is about selecting the best user in the week
now these people are not coming to hammihan
but 1-2 months back, there were people who came here and we had funny times together
but unfortunately they left hammihan
I will try to make here crowded again
with ur help of course

The best user of the week


in this way your choice is very limited.
in other words your alternatives is fix.

no flexible



Bcoz on that point of time, only those people were active
u can c now only 3 members r active here
so, how can i list the name of those members who they r not coming in this part?


report to admin to modify your list.
this way is very non rutine who you are use.
or in any moon start a new topic for this goal.


ya i decided to do like this,, that every week, have a topic like this or as u mentioned every month
but, ppl.

left this part and i didn't have anybody to list his/her name here

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