kala-tamin If u r alone

If u r alone

If u r alone
Welcome everybody
If you be alone come and write your messege her.

Many thanks

Have fun

اعداد در زبان چینی به همراه تلفط و ...(اموزش فارسی)....


As day gives way to wight a miss
....having you by my side
my heart is singing

I've leen missing you more than words can say

آمــــوزش زبان اسپانیایی


Well I wonder could it be
When I was dreaming 'bout you baby
You were dreaming of me
Call me crazy, call me blind
To still be suffering is stupid after all of this time

Did I lose my love to someone better
And does she love you like I do
I do, you know I really really do

Well hey
So much I need to say
Been lonely since the day
The day you went away
So sad but true
For me there's only you
Been crying since the day
The day you went away

آموزش زبان ژاپنی



I loke this song becase.........

Lonely, I'm Mr.

I have nobody,
For my own
I'm so lonely, I'm Mr.

I have nobody,
For my own
I'm so lonely,

Yo this one here goes out to all my playas out there
Ya know got that one good girl who's always been there like ya
Know took all the bulls--- then one day she can't take it no more and decides to leave

I woke up in the middle of the night and I noticed my girl wasn't by my side,
Coulda sworn I was dreamin' for her I was
Feenin, so I had a take a little ride,
back tracking over these few years, tryin' a figure out wat I do to make it go bad, 'cause
Ever since my girl left me, my whole life came crashin'


when Iam lonely Iam saying this thing

Dear God
Ineed you.....I need yourgrace to forgive me and I need your love to change me.Thank you for your amazing love.Thank you for giving me life and eternity.

I belond to you.

I will live my life for you and I will love you forever........AMEN


if you are alone
just keep it
becouse noone can help you and also cant get you
i mean it is something that they dont have and wanno you leave it for them
just rub it of you and by then disturb you
its incridebel but i prefer to give this news to you
if you are alone keep it and rest in this mood and dont alow anybody to interpreter in your cancentrate

excuse me all if i am too bad in dictatioon
its my so discusting habbit


If I be alone I listen to music of my faiverit singel and think about what I did and what I want to do sometimes I couldn't think it's look like I think to something but I don't.


If i be alone I will listen to some special songs because they help me to remember my hard and beautiful and also terrible memories


hold fast to dreams........
for if dreams die.....life is a broken winged bird
that can not fly
hold fast to dreams for when dreams go life
is a barren field
frozen with snow


i wasnot alone
i am not alone
i willnot be alone
at all
God is near me and i can feel it
my parents my sis and brother will leave me but God always is with me meybe i leave God but GOD never leave me
in my life alone has no meaning


dear My Is
U wrote a really nice text
do u mind If i correct u ??
In this sentence " God is near me and i can feel it "
U used " It " for God!
But in English God is " HE "
so the correct sentence is " God is near me and i can feel HIM/ his presence "

wish u never forget God


thanks again


sometimes in hammihan I feel lonely
specially when I come here and nobody is there


being alone ......sometimes is good but not always

I miss the ay's i use 2come here and chat with everybody but now it's seems to noone coming in this room .

I agree with maryam but it's not a hard job just writh what ever u like.


nobody interested
there was a time which ahura, hasti, behruz , and others were there
but they left us
and just 2-3 persons come regularly
and others come once only
I don't know what should i do more!
I started so many topics in any field
has no result


don't worry may be it's just need a time
I know when there where here it was good but not now


hi dears
i alone and intersting for act in this topic but i cant speak and writing english


but time also didn't work
let's forget about it
coz I'm not in a good mood and these kind of things make me more sad


I told u come here
and just spend 10 min of ur times to learn sth
u could improve but there was no act from ur side

anyhow I am happy to c u here again
and I wish u'll stuck on this part


why dear?

I',m sorry to make u sad.

ok lets forget it.

u know coming in here make me realy sad coz i remember all my memories with....

I wish I could cry right now.

maryam if i could help i be please to do it


no dear it's ok

dear I also don't want to c u sad
we can be in other parts together - and u don't come here to avoid being sad
I really want to c u happy

tanx dear if u want to help me, smile and don't cry
I like u since I know u
that's true


It's sometime happen isn't it?

U know when u sometime when u remeber the thing u have done befor is so upseting but since i broke up i didn't cry i tried my best to be happy and i will o it.

I hope u be happy always too darling
I like u too


yeah u r right
sometimes I feel the same.

that I remember the things which they were great on their time but now become the sad memory!

thank u dear
that's kind of u and a matter of proud for me to have a friend like u


same as me darling

good night for now.

Hve nice weekend


thank u
have a nice time and a nice dream
Glad to c u again


I wish maryam was here now i'm so alone and nobody coming in here i DON'T KNOW WHY


lonlyness is not something that other pepolr can help u with it.

Sometimes even when i'm here I feel so lonly cuz most of users r new and i don't know them mostly and they mostly talk to each other but i be happy if someone i know come but it happend sometimes like all my sis in here they come so early or late or the time i'm not on and it's relly bad for mecuz i use to come in here everyday and now it's borring for me to be alon and noone to talk.

I wish they were here now than i can talk to them


oh dear
when u came, I had go to college
that's y I couldn't stay anymore

sorry to leave u alone here


sorry but i not aloneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ee


so If u r not, what do u want here?


It's really nice that u don't feel lonely


hello my dears
dont worry
i am here
god willing nobody in the world be alone
good luck


wish u the same
wish nobody feels lonely
coz it's the worst feeling a person could have


i not kid
my heart full of love my؟؟


I didn't get u
can u plz explain it more?


It's ok maryam don't worry anout it
I should have get use to it now


i read the book


Hi dears
again I am alone here
I have to go and sleep
I'm soooooo tired


good luck
my dears


Goodnight maryam.

I wish we could to talk to each other.

c u tomarrow have nice dreams


i watch tv


Good night dear
If u give me ur Yahoo or MSN ID we can be in touch easily
I'm still w8ing to hear ur good news


hey it's noone in here? i miss all of u


if i am alone
i will go to park


I wanna be alone cuz i don't feel good i don't wanna talk to someone just leave me alone i wish it was raining now so i could have get wet at least no one can see i'm crying


If I be alone
I'm alone now no one in here i don't know maybe it's better i go to sleep cuz i ganna work 12 hours tomarrow oh god


I am alone
i am a lonley
if you alone?
just for me
and you love me?


i am alone
every time i think of my love i realy feel i am more and more and more alone i love him why he is such a person who doesnt care


Sorry to hear that
but dear they all just like that u can't trust .

I'm sure one day he ganna find who really u r?
Don't feel alone in here we all same like u so u can talk to us if u like it

have nice day


I am alone.
but I am not sad a lot.
ofcourse girl that I love her,work in my site.she is a good astronomer.
but I do not know that she know that I love her or not?
I said.it is not important for me now.I have konkur this year.and she has konkur this year!that is so wonderful.
have a big sky


I'm so alone and I feel like some body else .

I'm not changed but i don't feel the same


I was lonely

I saw her

I fell in love with her

I told her I loved her

She told me she accepted ma Love

I couldn't contain maself fer joy

We went on

She changed

She told me to get outta her life

I didn't understand

I didn't accept

She told me to forget her

I said "I can't

She said "you can

I said "I can't

She said "I can

I entreated her

She didn't care

She rejected me

I became lonely again

She didn't care

I went outta her life

I was forced
It was my Love story


that is a good text


I'm sorry ,I'm fallen in Love with you

I'm sorry I can't cause ya ta fall in love with me

I'm sorry ,I need yer love ta live

I'm sorry I can't cause ya ta need my love

I'm sorry ,I believe in you

I'm sorry I can't cause ya ta believe in me

I'm sorry ,you attract me

I'm sorry I'm not attractive enough ta attract you

I'm sorry ,you satisfy me

I'm sorry I can't satisfy you

I'm sorry ,you are ma' lady

I'm sorry I'm not yer man


Being alone is not that bad i get use to it but sometimes is boaring!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm alone now maryam is not here and i missed her alot even mahmod is not coming as well i know it's time 4 exams and i wish all of u good luck


I'm alone now no one to talk I feel so sad i wanna talk to someone but who?
I wish maryam was here or even mina at least i can talk to them ...........


Although sometimes I feel lonely
but actually I am not
this is bcoz of a thing I've done it
and this silly feeling hits me sometimes


i think to my future


Hi phoenix
I bet she knows that because in my opinion Girls are very clever in this case
I have best wishes for you in this dangerous road


i will go to bed


I'm happy to see you mr Mahmod
I wish u be back soon
wishe u the best


thank you very much my dear
always be happy and successful
with the best wishes for you


Girl, girl I'm goin outta ma mind
And eventhogh I don't really know ya
I mus'ev been runnin outta time
I'm waitin for a momen I can show ya
And baby girl I want ya ta know
I'm watchin ya go
I'm watchin ya pass me bye
It's real Love that u don know about


I'm alone now..........u know why cuz i miss maryam alot and no one in here comes to talk and it feels so bad i don't like it.


If I'm alone, it's nobody's fault but my own
I wish there was something I could do, or I could say
To take back all my yesterdays


im alone now and im sadIf u r alone


i'm alone always...all the time...just i have God and this is important for me ....
God is enough for me
God is enough for everyone

nobody is'nt really alone

If u r alone


If I be alone ......I read a book or come in here


I'm not alone ,but I feel loneliness every where, every time.I think every one is alone too.Although each of us try to deny it.


I believe I'm loved when i'm completely by myself alone


This is my first reply in English Discussion section .

so alone has different meaning .

maybe you be with all of your friends but you feel that you are alone .

when feel that you are alone this cause that you lost some thing and you must find it .

please excuse me cause i can't speak english very good .


When I come here I feel I'm too alone.


does every body can tell me whats the meaning of thsi sentence:
and its a very nice sentence:if you are in the way that every thing is in your way lnow that youre in wrong way!
good afternoon every one


yeah, u r right the GOD is here NOW
the GOD is with us alwaysIf u r alone


yeah dear!you got it right!some people guess that means THE GOD IS NO WHERE!1


If I'm alone..........I'm alone always get use to it it's not a big deal for me I enjoy it but sometimes I feel like ..................


I don't know where r u god ...why u always leaving me alone in this world I can't live like that everytime I want to be happy something gonna happen that make me sad again why? I hate this world I hate this ppl I don't want to be here plz get me out of here


no need ta say "if" cuz it's the situation I'm in
I'm alone n nothin' can take this loneliness away from me
I'm alone n I will be
cuz I know no one else can fill my mind empty of the appearnce of the one I loved once


Do you need some time...on your own
Do you need some time...all alone
Everybody needs some time...on their own
Don't you know you need some time...all alone
Everybody needs somebody
You're not the only one
You're not the only one

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