kala-tamin How to display a list of Wifi-Networks in an iPhone app?

How to display a list of Wifi-Networks in an iPhone app?

I found some private (undocumented) APIs but Apple does not allow apps to use private frameworks. So does anyone know how to do this using Apple official packages?

like: when youtube app prompts you to the push notification: "Select a Wi-fi network"

Thanks in advance.

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If you set the UIRequiresPersistentWiFi setting in your info.plist file, the iPhone OS will know this your app needs Wifi and pop up the message for you.. Instruments: checking for memory leaks inquiry As far as I know, no app actually manually displays the wifi selection alert.. What are the main differences between Cocoa and CocoaTouch?
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The best you must did in iOS, currently, is display the netjob the user is currently connected to. iOS doesn't allow you to access a wifi smust from within an app. I've been wrestling with this inability for any time now.. If designing an accessory this has WiFi, where you're endeavor to pass the user's WiFi netjob SSID and password, it will be up to the accessory to commit the app this wifi smust list. The app must then display the list the accessory gave it to the user.. (I bet that's how the app @zaid pointed out in his answer, "iHome Connect", is doing it.). Ananother approach is you could have a screen this prompts the user to enter the password to the wifi netjob they're connected to already, and then once the accessory is connected to the app, pass those details without the need for a wifi netjob list. I think this approach has a better user experience.. Plenty of stackoverflow questions this answer how to receive the current wifi network, here's a couple:. Getting OSX Connected Wi-Fi Netjob Name. How did I receive the current wifi netjob name after Yosemite in Swift?.

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