kala-tamin Django & Nginx deeplinking domains (re-write rules or django urls?)

Django & Nginx deeplinking domains (re-write rules or django urls?)

I'm running Django behind Nginx (as FASTCGI) and I need to "deeplink" to a page in one domain from the root of another without redirecting or forwarding e.g.

Given that I have a domain general-stuff.com and a matching URL http://general-stuff.com/books/ and that I have a second domain books-stuff.com I need a way to get the page served by http://general-stuff.com/books/ at the URL http://books-stuff.com/ how would I go about this?

Edit: Note that I also need the tree below these urls to work e.g. http://books-stuff.com/book1/ should serve the page at http://general-stuff.com/books/book1/ etc.

Thanks in advance

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You could use the proxy_pass configuration in Ngxinx..
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server {    gzip on;    listen       80;    server_name  books-stuff.com ;     location / {       proxy_pass http://general-stuff.com/books/;       break;    } } 
Should do exactly what you want.
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