kala-tamin Rails routing and URI fragment identifier

Rails routing and URI fragment identifier

When I was developing my RoR skills with some basic tutorials I encountered a problem. What I am trying to achieve is having comments belonging to posts, with no separate index or individual view. This part was easy.

Here comes tough one. I want post_comment_url to return address with fragment identifier: http://example.com/posts/2#comment-4. It would allow me to use redirect_to in it's simplest form, without :anchor parameter (which would be against ruby way of keeping things simple).

How to do that?

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Instead of altering Rails' default behavior, it'd probably be better to wrap up your needs in a helper method:.
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# in app/controllers/application_controller.rb class ApplicationController   helper :comment_link    def comment_link(comment)     post_comment_url(comment.post, comment, :anchor => "comment-#{comment.id}")   end end 
The call to helper will allow you to access that method in your views as well as your controllers..
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