kala-tamin What Other TFS clients exist?

What Other TFS clients exist?

Team explorer is a real pain to use for some simple tasks, and is very slow. I'd like another solution to access my TFS repository. I really like SvnBridge, but I cannot attach a TFS work item when I check-in with tortoise.

Does somebody know some alternatives ?


From what I've seen, the integration of TFS with the windows Explorer with TFS Powertools requires that you run on an account with the same name as your login on TFS, too bad...

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TFS Power tools integrates with windows explorer and it works kinda like TortoiseSVN.

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On this way you can check-in/out, get latest etc.

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from windows explorer .


There's a command-line tool (tf.exe) that I believe is part of the product.

There's another available through the TFS Power Tools..

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