kala-tamin How do I disable chunked transfer-encoding when using compressed dynamic content?

How do I disable chunked transfer-encoding when using compressed dynamic content?

I want to disable chunked transfer encoding on my web server, in order to avoid this bug: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/871205 . Unfortunately, I need to support IE6 on Win2k, so they cannot install the patch.

I found instructions to set AspEnableChunkedEncoding to FALSE, but this does not seem to solve my problem. I believe this is because we also use gzip compression, which, according to this article (http://www.eggheadcafe.com/conversation.aspx?messageid=31045986&threadid=31045970) requires chunked encoding in order to compress dynamic content. Thus, all of the dynamically compressed content is transferred 'chunked', because it's compressed by the gzip filter, not ASP.NET.

I know that IIS can serve this content unchunked, because I've tried using http 1.0 in the request (which does not support transfer-encoding: chunked), and the response arrives correctly and compressed.

How do I disable chunked encoding when using a ScriptManager, which necessitates dynamic compression of the resultant ".axd" files?

Any idea what this .NET error means?


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Since you can't change the behaviour of either the GZip compression in IIS or get your client to upgrade to a new OS, why not conditionally turn off GZip compression for specific user agent strings..
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On Apache you could use mod rewrite to do this (see here) with some lines like:.
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RewriteEngine on  RewriteCond %{HTTP:User-Agent} MSIE\ [56] RewriteCond %{HTTP:User-Agent} !SV1 RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} \.(css|js)$ RewriteHeader Accept-Encoding: .* $1 
This server fault thread indicates that you can use ISAPI Rewrite to use the same directives and get the same result.

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It looks like these directives would be supported by the free "Lite" version too, so you won't have to buy any licenses..
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