kala-tamin Asp.net gridview MVC

Asp.net gridview MVC

Can i create a gridview control in Asp.net MVC,and set its DataSource propertie and DataBind method,mormally as in web forms?

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No - ASP.NET MVC has no ViewState and therefore no native WebForms controls will work.. Should We Instantiate Data Context & Repository In Controller? There are a number of hybrid approaches for people who wish to use controls in MVC although if you wish to job in this way it would be better to use WebForms.. How can I pass parameters to an Action using Html.Action() in ASP.NET MVC?
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Technically it is possible - wrap the grid inside a <form runat="server"> tag and you are back in the WebForms business - ViewState, postback etc. Maintain Constant Title Across WebsiteHowever I would too not recommend this approach. You better use a mixed WebForms-MVC approach. You must also check the available grid solutions for MVC..

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