kala-tamin ASP.NET MVC truly log off with Forms Authentication

ASP.NET MVC truly log off with Forms Authentication

I have a logoff action on a controller as so:

    public ActionResult Logoff()     {         var x = Request.IsAuthenticated;         var y = User.Identity.IsAuthenticated;          FormsAuthentication.SignOut();         Session.Abandon();          var a = Request.IsAuthenticated;         var b = User.Identity.IsAuthenticated;          return View();     } 

However, x, y, a, and b, are all true. So when my view renders, it still behaves as if the user is logged in. Can someone please provide a solution and/or explanation?

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FormsAuthentication.SignOut() removes the authentication cookie, so you need to redirect after it instead of returning a view so that the client is notified:.
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public ActionResult Logoff() {     FormsAuthentication.SignOut();     return RedirectToAction("Index"); } 
Now in the Index action the user will no longer be authenticated..
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