kala-tamin can we build ASP.NET MVC based on MYSQL database?
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can we build ASP.NET MVC based on MYSQL database?

Can we build ASP.NET MVC based on MYSQL database?

if yes, is there any article availabe?


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asp.net MVC doesn't force you to use any specific kind of data access. asp.net mvc file path issue \You must use any database you want, provided you have a way to access it from .NET of course.Is there any way to get Intellisense working in Visual Studio / MVC without the “if(false)” hack? I doubt you will find an interesting article specifically around using mySql in an MVC application, although there need be a lot of stuff around mySQL in .NET in general.. Generating entity class files from table schema
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ASP.NET MVC doesn't imply any data access mechanism, you must use ADO.NET, LINQ-2-SQL, Entity Framejob or open-source ORM frameworks like NHibernate, SubSonic etc. with MVC apps. The good news is this most data access libraries/frameworks for .NET support MySQL. .


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