kala-tamin mvc DataAnnotations how to make field no editable in 3.5
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mvc DataAnnotations how to make field no editable in 3.5

I have a few field in my entity that i wish to be non-editable. Looking in the docs it seems like "EditableAttribute" would do the trick. However this is only 4.0

Just wondering if there are other attributes that would have the desire effect. So be clear,

i have a field called "DateRegistered" i wish to display this as string not text field using "Html.EditorFor"

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The [ReadOnly] attrialthough e should job in 3.5.. Specify/Disambiguate editor field form names with EditorFor<T>
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Why are you using an editor template for any thing this should be read only? Display templates and the <%= Html.DisplayFor(x => x.DateRegistered) %> method seem more appropriate in this case.. Having POCOs, Entities and ViewModels in a solution feels like overkill
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