kala-tamin Asp.Net MVC custom controls - container

Asp.Net MVC custom controls - container

Is there a way to make helper in Asp.Net MVC to wrap other html like this:

<div class="lightGreyBar_left">     <div class="lightGreyBar_right">          <!--Content-->         <h3>             Profiles</h3>         <div class="divOption">             <%= Html.ActionLinkWithImage("Create new", "add.png", Keys.Actions.CreateProfile, "add")%>         </div>         <!--Content-->      </div> </div> 

So that helper will render containing divs and content that is passed to helper method as parameter.

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Have a look at the forms helper methods.

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They provide syntax like this:.
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<% using (Html.BeginForm()) { %>     <p>Form contents go here.</p> <% } %> 
The pattern for implementing this sort of HTML helpers is slightly more involved than the usual "just return a HTML string" type helpers.

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Basically, your helper method will Response.Write the opening tag(s) when it is called and return some custom object that implements IDisposable.

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When the return value is disposed, it should Response.Write the closing tag(s)..
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Here is a working example:.
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public static MyContainer WrapThis(this HtmlHelper html) {     html.ViewContext.HttpContext.Response.Write("<div><div>");     return new MyContainer(html.ViewContext.HttpContext.Response); }  public class MyContainer : IDisposable {     readonly HttpResponseBase _httpResponse;     bool _disposed;      public MyContainer(HttpResponseBase httpResponse)     {         _httpResponse = httpResponse;     }      public void Dispose()     {         if (!_disposed)         {             _disposed = true;             _httpResponse.Write("</div></div>");         }          GC.SuppressFinalize(this);     } } 
This will allow you to rewrite your view to this:.
<% using (Html.WrapThis()) { %>     <h3>Profiles</h3>     <div class="divOption">         <%= Html.ActionLinkWithImage("Create new", "add.png", Keys.Actions.CreateProfile, "add")%>     </div> <% } %> 

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