kala-tamin Using the same cookie in two logins

Using the same cookie in two logins

I need your help

I've a MVC project that uses Jquery, where I've implemented a mechanism of "Remember Me" using cookies to save, clear and retrieve the login and password.

I also have two screens where the user does the login. I want that both logins manipulate the same cookie. I've got to implement it, but I've realized that each one has a different behaviour. I mean, the cookie's value I save in the first login is not the same than the value that retrieves the second login (when I open it). In other words, if I mark "remind me" on the first login, it isn't reflected on the second login and viceversa. What can I do to make that both of them manipulate and read the same values from the same cookie? Is it possible?

PS: For this situations I'm using the same web navigator: Firefox or IE.

Thanks in advance

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Cookies are specific to the domain that creates them.

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If you are having two login screens,you need to have them under the same domain ( some thing like login.yourdomain.com if you have more than one domain).
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you can change the cookie domain, if you are using formsauthentication.

if not, you should also be able to change it.

. just take the same domain name for both sites.. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.web.security.formsauthentication.cookiedomain.aspx. hth.

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