kala-tamin Empty asp.net Resources Cache, provided by SQLResourceProvider
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Empty asp.net Resources Cache, provided by SQLResourceProvider

I've just implemented a SQLResource provider in my MVC2 application. When I change something in the database by hand or by a webform, I want the ResourceProvider to drop all it's resources and fetch them again from the database.

Does any one now how I can clear this ResourceCache that is managed by ASP.NET's own API?

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When you implementing SQLResourceProvider you should use caching toreceive her with database utility class. Jquery problem:validation code not workingWhen creating cache you must define policy which contains ChangeMonitors property.I think adding SqlCacheDepency item to ChangeMonitors property is what you looking for. How to make selectedItem in a SelectList be dynamicTake a look a this classes SqlCacheDepency , CacheItemPolicy. Master ASP.NET MVCI must provide code if you need it.. How do I convert DateTime format to ShortDateString in Jquery?
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