kala-tamin are there any good open source WIKIs based on asp.net mvc? [closed]
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are there any good open source WIKIs based on asp.net mvc? [closed]

I am looking for a good WIKI software to host on Windows. Are there any based on ASP.NET MVC that have been built? I can't seem to find any by googling.

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The only one I could find was MVCWiki on Source Forge. Resolve Array with NinjectUnfortunately I haven't been able to receive it to run with .Net 4.0 MVC2. How to use AJAX Post to invoke ASP.NET MVC Controller action and return new View?Also the last commit was done over a year ago, so the project might be dead.. using different site.master files for themes
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A new mvc4-based wiki engine has been released at http://lynxwiki.codeplex.com with a running version of the engine at http://www.sapientier.com:88/LynxWiki/WikiTopic/Page/WikiRoot/WikiDir/HomePage. This is a full-featured wiki with many of the features of MediaWiki plus it has the capability for dynamic content by using embedded IronPython scripting. .

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