kala-tamin ASP.Net MVC (1) - how can I pass JSON to view but not as separate ajax call

ASP.Net MVC (1) - how can I pass JSON to view but not as separate ajax call

I have some data that I want to pass into the View (.aspx page) in JSON format.

I could add an async ajax call and load it that way, but since I have the data upfront, why not just dump it into the view.

I could pass a C# object as the model and in Javascript manually iterate through it to fill out a Javascript object, but this seems like something someone has done before and there may well be a tool to do it already...

Thanks in advance, Chris

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You could serialise it using System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer..
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ViewData["JSONData"] = new JavaScriptSerializer().Serialize(myObject); 
You could then render this into a hidden field or wherever on the view..
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You could convert the data into the JSON using Json.net and then pass the Json.net object to the view model as a string..
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viewModel.JsonToUse = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(object).ToString(); // Or build the Json up manually using a JOBject. 

return View("ViewName", viewModel);

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