kala-tamin Edit Wordpress comment form (just add a class to the text inputs)

Edit Wordpress comment form (just add a class to the text inputs)

I'm using the default twenty_ten theme that comes with the latest Wordpress and modifying it. I just want to add a class to certain text inputs within the new comment form (specifically to add

to make it play nice with Blueprint CSS framework).

I can't locate the place to do this. Not au fait with PHP but able to work my way around it in most cases - just can't seem to locate the form here.

Any help appreciated.

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The comment form is output by the WordPress comment_form() function.

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To add a CSS class to specific inputs, you can change the $fields argument when it's called from the bottom of the TwentyTen comments.php file..
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In the example below I've added class="text" to the author input field:.
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<?php     $fields =  array(         'author' => '<p class="comment-form-author">' . 

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'<label for="author">' .

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__( 'Name' ) .

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'</label> ' .

( $req ? '<span class="required">*</span>' : '' ) .

'<input class="text" id="author" name="author" type="text" value="' .

esc_attr( $commenter['comment_author'] ) .

'" size="30"' .

$aria_req .

' /></p>', 'email' => '<p class="comment-form-email"><label for="email">' .

__( 'Email' ) .

'</label> ' .

( $req ? '<span class="required">*</span>' : '' ) .

'<input id="email" name="email" type="text" value="' .

esc_attr( $commenter['comment_author_email'] ) .

'" size="30"' .

$aria_req .

' /></p>', 'url' => '<p class="comment-form-url"><label for="url">' .

__( 'Website' ) .

'</label>' .

'<input id="url" name="url" type="text" value="' .

esc_attr( $commenter['comment_author_url'] ) .

'" size="30" /></p>', ); comment_form(array('fields'=>$fields)); ?>
Alternatively you could create a filter in your theme's functions.php that added the input class for you:.
function my_comment_fields($fields) {     foreach($fields as $field){          // Add the class to your field's input     }     return $fields; } add_filter('comment_form_default_fields','my_comment_fields'); 


Login in to you Control Panel.

Open wp-includes folder from File Manager.

Select comment-template.php and Click Edit.

Go to the line 1541 or search for ‘’ Near to this you can see “Your email address will not be published.

Required fields are marked *”. $fields = array( 'author' => '' .

'' .

__( 'Name' ) .

' ' .

( $req ? '*' : '' ) .

'',. Read more at aTechguide.com http://atechguide.com/edit-comment-form-wordpress.

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