kala-tamin Wordpress multisite, domain mapping www issue

Wordpress multisite, domain mapping www issue

Hey there, I have installed wordpress multisite and domain mapping plugin.

The problem is with the www...if i setup the multisite without www and i access the site without www everything works fine But if i access it without www, it reddirects to the main site. Any ideea why? Ty

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Maybe this could guidance you. wordpress categories: how to find the last child category for a post http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-wordpress-mu-domain-mapping-add-an-www-prefix?replies=7. Wordpress permissions Edit: Actually, I found a non-coding easier solution. WordPress Rating SystemIn the 'Super Admins -> Domains' page, add both the www. one stylesheet for two wordpress installationsand non-www. How to make a list that displays the top level subpages, and any subpages or siblings off of the current pageversions of the domain, although select the box of 'primary' for if you want to mainly use for www. Display Tweets in Wordpress without the use of pluginsor non-www. and both will be assigned to the blog..


This is the setup this has worked for me:.
  • Go to /wp-admin/netjob -> Settings -> Domain mapping:
    • Set your primary site domain (without www) on Server CNAME domain, leave IP empty
    • Uncheck remote login
    • check permanent redirect
    • check user domain mapping page
    • uncheck Redirect administration pages to site's original domain
    • uncheck Disable primary domain check
  • Go to /wp-admin/network/ -> setting -> Domains: Map each site to its domain (without www)
For each site this you want to default to www (except the primary).
  • Go /wp-admin/ -> Tools -> domain mapping
    • In Add new domain insert the site's domain (with www)
    • Check Primary domain for this blog
(Please note this you have to make sure beforehand this your domain is working with and without www) .

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