kala-tamin 2006 - Sequence-specific DNA Binding Agents

2006 - Sequence-specific DNA Binding Agents

Sequence-specific DNA Binding Agents

Michael J. Waring " Sequence-specific DNA Binding Agents"
Royal Society of Chemistry | 2006-11-09 | ISBN: 0854043705 | 232 pages | PDF | 4 MB

The binding of antibiotics and drugs to DNA is a fast developing area of research with important applications in medicine, particularly the treatment of cancer. Sequence-specific DNA Binding Agents uniquely discusses key aspects of this topic, providing a novel perspective on the subject.
Written by experts in the field, this book discusses diverse modes of binding of antibiotics and drugs to DNA, emphasising matters that are important or promising for cancer treatment. Chapters discuss established agents like actinomycin D but also look at novel drugs with strong potential in chemotherapy such as new topoisomerase inhibitors, telomerase inhibitors, peptide nucleic acids and triple helix-forming oligonucleotides. There are also sections discussing methodological advances including computational methods, slow kinetics, melting curve analysis and approaches to medicinal chemistry. Finally there is a section on RNA structure and its potential as a drug target.
The book is ideal for researchers in industry and academia who require a comprehensive source of reference to this rapidly expanding subject.

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